Guidelines - How to use iTranscript
  • Make Payment

    To make a transcript request, simply click on the link Make Transcript Payment, fill in your details accurately as required on the form. Select the preferred postage option and click on Make Payment Button. Please take note of the Transaction Reference Generated.

  • Create Transcript Profile

    You are required to create a transcript profile by providing your personal details, bio-data information accordingly then click Create Profile button. Transaction Reference Number you made payment with will be required.

  • Requesting Institution Profile

    You are expected to provide shipping details about the transcript you are requesting as follows: The name of the Institution or Organization that the transcript is to be sent to as well as its full address including City, State, ZIP/Postcode, Country, and Continent. Please note that the address you enter is the address that the courier will deliver your transcript to, therefore ensure that you are as detailed and accurate as possible.

Guidelines - How to use iTranscript Continued
  • Edit Transcript Request

    Transcripts requests can only be editted within 48 hours after such request was made. You will provide your Tracking Number to edit requests

  • Transcript Request History

    You can view your transcript request history by providing your Matriculation Number and Tracking Number.

  • Track Transcript

    After payment and request, you can monitor the progress of the processing of your transcript by logging on to the portal with your portal tracking number. For courier serivice option, as soon as your transcript is picked up by your selected courier, you will then be provided with the tracking number of your transcript. This will help you monitor it between the time it is picked up by a courier and when it reaches its final destination.