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With our Flexible eLearning platform, students can easily combine work and studies and not be limited to a classroom or city. Log in when it’s comfortable for you. Easily go back to previous lectures, steps, or lessons to clarify anything you missed.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Accesscode is the PassCode to access the school portal. For new students its will be issued by the Faculty Officier. For Returning Students who have'nt recieve the PassCode before will get it via their Mobile Numbers/Email Address on this portal by clicking Get Accesscode Link OR the visit ICT Unit.

1. On this platform click on Admission Form Link at the top. Select Admission Form Type (ND/HND).
2. Enter your Phone Number and other details required and click Load Payment Options.
3. After payment click on Register link to get login details to complete registration

eBursaryCollect is a platform where you can pay for all sundry fees like Matriculation fee, collection of certificate fee etc

To payment school fees you MUST login to your Student Account using your Registration Number and Accesscode.

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